Welcome FLY-Nation to the first episode of your FLY-Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast!
It´s all about answering your question:  „What´s in it for me“?
I've created the FLY-Podcast, airing weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays, to inspire you, to freestyle your life from whatever sucks and to restyle life at your own authentic terms.

This is the No. 1 channel to catch free, valuable and consistent content on authenticity and self-mastery to consume „on the go“!
Get inspired, on how to discover and transform into your authentic self, live aligned with your true purpose and to express your purpose as awakened leader in the world. Start living your authentic life today by tapping into self-realization and owning who you truly are!

My goal is, to ignite & support you on finding & living your true self and I will be leading by example.
As your engagement is key to level up your life, I´m encouraging you, to send in wishes for topics or questions, you would love to be covered in the next episodes. Just use the comment section on freestyleyourlifepodcast.com or mention it in your review on iTunes.

I´ve invited the best of the best experts to share their authentic heroic life stories and will be talking about my own personal journey & awakening in between.
Exploring the resillience factor of people, who have survived traumatic situations & got back up again, I'm giving them a stage to share their story.

I also want to emphazise our responsibility to save this wonderful paradise for our grandchildren in terms of environmental protection. What comes around goes around – it´s unbelievable that we´re eating our own plastic waste with the food chain! We have a huge impact by changing our buying behaviour. Let´s avoid plastic- it´s possible! We support the non-profit „Ocean Cleanup“ and will share more about that in the upcoming episodes.

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Please refer friends to the FLY-Show, who might profit from the insights shared.
I´m offering you a triple win: First and foremost, by inspiring you, on how to easily change for the better and also by winning great prizes in the FLY-Podcast-Giveaway!

Further more, among all subscribers, I randomly pick the „FLY-Winner“, those, who dedicate their life to being their own authentic self-expert. The winner´s names will be announced on the next FLY-Show.

Additionally, the „I Love the FLY-Podcast-Winner“ is picked at the end of each month. Amazing grand prizes are waiting for you. Imagine winning „your authentic self- discovery session“ or the ebook „Shortcuts to break free & FLY“!

But there is much more for you:
I´m thrilled, that also the experts have thrown in great prizes, such as books, online courses and tickets to their amazing live events.

What we all yearn for in life, is living our dreams, true purpose & to make a bigger impact with it.

From the bottom of my heart, I want you to step ahead your comfortzone and become authentic! That´s why I´m offering you countless free, inspiring tips on this free FLY-Podcast.
To motivate you even more, to take the leap of faith & courage, to show up with your authentic self, you can even win the whole Freestyle-Your-Life System worth of several thousand Dollars.

FLY-Nation - get ready to win!

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FLY- Resources for your authenticity & self-mastery

I created the FLY- Freestyle-Your-Life Podcast to guide you into authenticity and self-mastery as awakened leader.

You´ll get countless practical tips for your mindset, emotional – and behavioural shift.
The struggles and insights shared in the personal stories & journeys are highly inspiring your emotional intelligence.

I´ll support you on your transformational journey of discovering the BEST YOU being already within you and forgetting the rest! Less is more!
Be asured, that I´ll be your reliable and trusted authentic Freestyle-Your-Life-Coach, arm in arm at your side, and I´ll show you excaxtly how to align with the truth of what you are.

That´s why I´m called “The Queen of Transformation“. I transformed myself over & over in order to live authentically and step into my greatness.

FLY-Nation, thanks so much for listening in today & please rate & review to the FLY-Show and stay tuned for great insights and prizes in the next episodes. Love YOU.

(The information shared on this Podcast is not intended as a substitute for a professional medical treatment advice. Always consider to take advice from your health care providers.)

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